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“Corporate Board Elections and Internal Controls”


Séminaire @ New York

27 septembre 2005

european corporate governance institute - ecgi


Transatlantic Corporte Governance Dialogue

In 2004, the European Corporate Governance Institute (ecgi) and the American Law Institute (ALI) established the Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue in order to bring together leading academics.

Law, economics and finance, regulators, judges, law makers, corporate leaders, investors and other corporate constituencies are engage in forward-looking discussions of corporate governance issues that are or will be at the forefront of policymaking on both sides of the Atlantic.

The ongoing Dialogue is endorsed by the European Commission.


The first Dialogue

was launched with a full-day public conference

held in Brussels on 12 July 2004

thanks to support from the European Commission.


The theme of 2005 Conference was “Corporate Board Elections and Internal Controls”.

Programme du "Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue" - ALI & ecgi - du 27 septembre 2005 @ New York

Almost 230 delegates attended the Conference which was held in New York at Federal Reserve Bank on Tuesday, 27th September 2005 - see the list of those who attended... here - File in PDF (Size 2,5 Mb)

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